RF and Microwave Products

RF and Microwave Design and Engineering for Defence, space and Telecom

RF and Microwave Products

ELDAAS designs, develops, and manufactures Subsystems and Systems for RF and Microwave products. Applications include Defense, Space, Telecom and Consumer products and systems.

ELDAAS has executed several projects designing to the specifications of the customers, meeting stringent industry standards, EMI/EMC requirements and environmental specifications. Expertise of ELDAAS includes the design and manufacture of:

  • UP-Down Converters
  • Wideband Transceiver (Up to 6GHz, -110dBm sensitivity)
  • Wideband Transmitters/Receivers
  • Synthesizers
  • RF Front Ends
  • Filters, Couplers, Splitters
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Hybrid Boards (RF, Digital and Signal processing)

RF and Microwave Range of Products

Hybrid Boards

Power Amplifiers


Up Down Converter


RF Front Ends



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