System on Module for Software Defined Radio​

elSoM-SDR is a Powerful System on Module for Software Defined Radio (SDR). This provides a baseline reference hardware and rapid development capability for Software Defined Radio and cognitive radio technologies targetable from handheld to any form-factor. This is a single board solution with an Integrated wideband RF Transceiver, high-speed ADCs and DACs, FPGA, and DSP

Image of elSoM SDR System on Modules

Key Features

elSoM-SDR is a dual-channel superheterodyne receiver that offers a wide dynamic range and accurate phase synchronization with LO for miniature and micro-sized UAVs and other unmanned platforms with strict SWaP constraints and direction-finding applications. Airpro-1 can be combined with another airpro-1 for MIMO application. The programmable device and digital signal processing module can be used for porting any kind of waveform as per the requirement.

Single Board Solution
Support MIMO Application
10 MHz to 6 GHz | 40 MHz of I-BW
Easy To Configure

elSoM-SDR Specifications


Frequency Range

70MHz to 6 GHz, with TDD and FDD support​

Step Size


Frequency Reference

10MHz Both internal and external

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elSoM-SDR Flier

Data Sheet

Dev Kit User Guide

Quick Starter Kit

Block Diagram

Software & Accessories


Android-User Manual


Linux-User Manual

elSoM-SDR Accessories

Where do we fit in?

Check this list of segments out of the countless sectors under that elSoM-SDR helps improving the yield using its Edge Artificial Intelligence Powerful Processor.



Image of Transportation Segment



Image of Defence and Aerospace Segment


Image of Automated Manufacturing Segment

P2P | P to Multipoint

Walkie Talkies

Data links in UAVs

Latest Offers on elSoM-SDR

We have partnered to develop Intelligent & Powerful SDRs for the Market

ELDAAS has partnered with Xilinx with the aim of developing System on Modules for Software Defined Radio for the Market

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What our Partner Say

We are delighted to partner with Eldaas and congratulate on launch of Airpro-SDR based on Xilinx Platform.​​ One of the first companies in India to become the Xilinx system partner and hopeful that the domestic market will leverage on their expertise for innovative products and solutions. We wish them success on this new business initiative and look forward to continued partnership with more Xilinx offering.​

Team Xilinx India Xilinx India
Image of Xilinx Logo

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