“Elevate surveillance and security across various critical locations”

Spandana integrates MIMO technology and Artificial Intelligence to offer unmatched detection and threat classification. With digital beamforming and processing, it delivers a reliable wide-area coverage, all-weather security solution without any moving parts. Being Compact & Lightweight helps in easy installation and maintenance.

Developed with innovation and excellence, Spandana meets the highest standards to ensure the protection of valuable assets across various environments


Sensor type: FMCW Radar; MIMO, digital and AI technologies. 

Frequency: C band

Detection Range:

Drone (RCS 0.01 m²) : 250m 

Crawling person (0.1 m² ): 500 m

Single person (1 m²): 1000m

Light vehicle ( 5 m²): 1200m

Heavy vehicle (20 m²): 1500m

Instrumented Range: 2000 m

Azimuth Coverage: 100° extendable

Elevation Coverage: 30°

Range accuracy: 0.5 m

Azimuth accuracy: 1°

Range resolution: 1m

Max simultaneous targets tracked: 100

Minimum target speed for detection: 0.5 m/sec 

Maximum target speed: 15 m/sec

False alarm rate: One per day

System Interface: Ethernet

Size: 270 X 300 X 70 mm


            TARGETED FOR

  •  Surveillance and security of National borders
  •  Surveillance and Security of Critical Infrastructure like 
  •  Strategic Research houses
  •  Army, Airforce, Naval, and Para Military establishments
  •  Airbases
  •  Strategic Commands
  •  Nuclear Installations, Power plants
  •  Large Manufacturing units for critical equipment
  •  Replacement of legacy systems
  • Agricultural Lands and Livestock Farms
  •  Public Safety in Urban Areas
  •  Security in large events
  • Perimeter Surveillance for Corporate campuses



  • MIMO technology
  •  Artificial Intelligence based target classification
  • Digital Beam forming
  • Multi Target Tracking
  • Excellent Range Resolution
  • Wide area coverage
  • Low power consumption
  • LPI sensor
  •  24/7, all-weather operation
  •  Highly Reliable
  • Small form factor, light weight

For more details mail to :  sales@eldaas.com 

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