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IR Temperature Sensor

The Contactless IR Thermal Scanner is a thermometer for checking the temperature of personnel without any physical contact. It can be mounted on a wall, a tripod or any other equipment used for security at the entry points. It is safer than the thermometers requiring the proximity of a person to hold and check, as the risk of transmitting infections from the person checking, is eliminated.

Key Features

• Fast, accurate temperature measurement
• Can be mounted on a tripod or a wall
• Records automatically; audio Instructions.
• Alarm for temperature more than normal
• Prompts in case the hand being sensed is far from the sensor.
• Battery back-up; Rechargeable
• Auto shut-off function
• Convenient for use
• Less Maintenance
• Cost-effective


In today’s scenario camera-based security alone is not enough to detect intruders or prevent them from entering. We need a stronger and proven solution which can’t be cracked down by any person.

Our partner D-Fence solutions based out of Israel, spent many years on studying & researching in this field. They have developed a variety of perimeter security solutions using cutting edge technology which can meet the need of a private property to a large defense establishment.

D-FENCE Range of Products


The D-Pressure Strip is a unique Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)


D-Corative system provides unmatched protection for your site, facilities and assets.


D-Fence‘s D-Taut Wire presents the latest technology in Taut Wire systems


The D-Fence’s D-Step Electronic Floor Tile is a unique and innovative electronic security system that can be installed under any type and size of floor tile


Di-ComS is an Industrial Embedded Computer supports RISC and HD Audio Codec Module.This Module is designed with Intel atom CPU which is having clock rate​
1.91GHz and cache memory of 2MB. Di-ComS will support SATA II, USB2.0, Gigabit Ethernet,Intel HD Graphics, SD Card and HD Audio Interface and we can integrate USB Camera. It is integrated with LVDS Display. Di-ComS support different SOMs with single, dual and quad-core processors with Q7 Rev2.0 Form Factor.​

Key Features

Supports Multiple Processors – Intel​

Cortex Processors with Q7 Form Factor 70x70mm​

Small form factor & Portable​

Supports 1xPOE (Power Over Ethernet)

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