Design and Engineering Services

State-of the-art, Innovative and cost effective solutions for Design and Engineering of Electronic Products

Design and Engineering Services

Design and Engineering of Electronic products is technology intensive. With technologies changing at rapid pace, this specialised activity requires continuous investments and focus.  With the objective of supporting Electronic Product manufacturers and relieve them from the complexities of design function, we offer Design Services with cost effective and innovative solutions through a very flexible model.

Whether it is designing a Printed Circuit Board, a Hardware functional module with embedded software, a sub-system, or a complete product, we support you in achieving your objectives. Our unique model is tailored to ensure that we align with your projects and provide design and engineering (D&E) service at any stage of the project or at multiple stages. We can also take care of the entire project from concept to Design, Prototyping, evaluations, certification, and Volume Production.  We work as an extended arm of the manufacturers to meet all their D&E needs.  ​

We offer our Design Services with a flexible engagement model

Our financial offer is flexible too with options like fixed cost, booked cost plus margin, cost per hour and cost per resource.  We can even place D&E teams exclusively in your premises, or allocate teams at our premises, working full-time for you.  

Build to Specifications

We design products/ modules/ Assemblies based on the specifications provided by you meeting various standards as per your needs.  We then manufacture the prototypes for your evaluation and approval. Once approved, we take up manufacture and supply as per your  quantity requirements

Build to Concept

Quite often, our customers define a need or a function and or broad requirements. Our teams are adept in converting such concept/functional requirements to specifications to enable design of the product meeting the requirements. We then process the specifications on “build to specifications” model


Build to Print​

We manufacture products/assemblies based on the drawings and instructions provided by you. Our processes are aligned to all standards of the Electronic Industry and comply to the needs of your stringent requirements. Our teams are experienced to follow any instructions/processes  specific to your needs.

Prototype to Volume Production

Whenever we design products for customers, building from concept or specifications, we supply few numbers as prototypes or trial lot of production. From then on, we are flexible to take up manufacture of those products either in small batch quantities or big volume production

Flexible Engagement from any stage to any stage​

We are flexible in our design, engineering, and manufacturing services model. We take up the entire Product Life cycle Management   from concept to Volume production, upgrades and obsolescence Management or from any intermediate stage to any other intermediate stage, to match with your needs

Flexible Financials

Our financial terms also follow the principle of flexibility to provide the customer, best engagement experience. As per the needs of the customers, we offer financial terms which normally fall under the categories of fixed cost, actual cost plus margin, Cost per hour of the resource, cost per resource, or exclusive on site/off-site teams

Our Specialised Technology segments include

Our Services encompass a wide variety of technologies in Digital, RF and mixed signal applications. Our domain expertise too has a wide spectrum covering Defence and Aerospace, Security and Surveillance, Telecommunications AIoT, ML/AI, HealthCare, Consumer Electronics and Semiconductors

Embedded Design & Engineering​

FPGA Design & Engineering​

RF & Microwave Design & Engineering​

Analog, Digital, RF & Mixed Signal Design & Engineering​

Semiconductor Design​

Concept Study​

Mechanical Engineering​


Box Building​

Signal Processing​

Product / Module / Sub-System / System Design & Engineering​

PCB Design & Simulations​

Volume Production & Manufacturing Services​

Software / Firmware Development​

Integration, Evaluation & Certification​

Product / Module / Sub-System / System Design & Engineering​

Our Digital Design Teams are Experienced​

Our Digital design teams are experienced​ in providing end-to-end solutions covering development of   System Architecture, Board and Firmware Design, Application Software Development, Mechanical Design and Prototyping. Our engineers are experienced in most of the common OS platforms, software languages and developed projects using microcontrollers, DSPs, and FPGAs of the leading manufacturers. We can meet your stringent specifications of any high-speed requirements with most optimum solutions.

Our RF and Microwave Engineering Teams ​

Our RF and Microwave engineering teams ​are experienced in design and Engineering of products sub-systems and modules up to frequency Range of 60 GHz. Variety of modules designed include Up-down convertors, wide-band Transmitters, Receivers, Synthesizers, RF front-ends, Filters, Couplers, Splitters, Power amplifiers. We have experience in developing Hybrid Boards (RF, Digital, Signal Processing) as well.  

Our PCB design teams

Our PCB design teams have experience to develop Boards up to 26 Layers with Blind/Buried via, High speed digital, Analog, RF boards & Mixed-Signal Boards, flex PCBs and HDI design. We carry out necessary simulations to ensure best of the quality and reliability.  

300+ Projects Since 2010

The fact that we successfully delivered more than 300 Design and Engineering Projects to leaders in the Electronics Industry, is a testimony to our strengths and engagement Model

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