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The world is moving ahead and evolving far more rapidly than we can even imagine during this pandemic. Our students in India need to catch up with the rapid pace of development and technological advancements in the developed countries. One of the fast growing technology which will touch every aspect of our life is Artificial Intelligence. ELDAAS intends to encourage and support students and enthusiasts in improving their understanding, skills, and learning of the new technologies like AI, ML and Neural networks, and extend opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the world of AIoT. We will be setting up laboratories in colleges and universities soon, where the students get a chance of practical learning on everything about AI/ML. They will get to know how to create their own chatbots and can actually play with Data sciences.

As a step in this endeavor, we are organizing a contest to provide an opportunity to explore innovative ideas, and providing hardware support to experiment. We welcome all students and enthusiasts to participate and avail of this opportunity.

elAIt 2021

If there is anything AI can help in solving a problem, then explore the excellent opportunity presented by ELDAAS to innovate, develop and implement any AI application on the free development kits. Dwell on any real-world problem and give your ingenious proposal to solve it. You could get a chance to build an efficient solution! ELDAAS will help in handholding best teams!
elSoM-i500 is a powerful Edge AI device with multiple processor cores, APU and GPU that can cater to a variety of AI algorithms like CNN ( convolutional neural networks), NLP ( natural language processing ), Image processing, Audio processing and Video processing etc. The elSoM Development Kit provides rich set of peripherals to enable you to develop your AI project rapidly. In this contest, you will have the advantage of using the free elSoM Development Kit for implementation of your solution.


Check this list of categories out of the countless sectors under which you can ponder on.
Look at few of our suggestions which might interest you

Note: We are not limiting to below applications. Feel free to choose any AI application which you can build on elSoM-i500

elAIt Timeline

elAIt 2021

20 proposals will be shortlisted and given an opportunity to present it to the ELDAAS panel (in allotted timeslots). 10 best presentations get an opportunity to develop their proposal on the elSoM kits and can make it to the FINALE. Two best demonstrations win the elAIt Championship

Early Bird Rewards

First valid 100 registrations win Rs.100/- each immediately (Each Team Member will Receive to the UPI contact number provided)


Two Best demonstrations win cash prize of Rs.50,000 each + Development kits (worth Rs.40,000) + Merit certificates + Photographs featured in company website


Rest of the seven demonstrations (out of the best 10) win 50% discount on Development kits + Merit certificates + Photographs featured in company website


BEST 20 shortlisted proposals will present their ideas and win 25% discount on Development kits + Certificates of Participation + Photographs featured in company website

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