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Our Promise

We embed ethics, honesty and transparency during each phase of business


we are open to operate in a manner where customers can see & verify our performed actions at all stages of the project


We are available in all time zones; and open for any change or improvement all through the project

One Stop for all Needs

Concept to volume production through Design, Prototyping, and Certification, We take care all stages of the project or any stages you need

System on Modules (SoM)

SoM is a tailor-made solution for the customers when they need to choose a Hardware for specific requirements

Rapidly evolving customer needs include a demand for optimized power consumption and higher operational performance. Hardware, with smaller form factors urge aggressive nanometer technology. SoM is the ultimate tailor-made solution for the customers when they need to choose a hardware for specific requirements.


System on Module is a Powerful and Plug ‘n’ Play option for our Customers


elPSR performs surveillance over strategic, vulnerable sites with audio alarm and also through the perimeter that overlays the given map


Special Design for Efficient Operation | Capable of operating 24X7 in any all weather condition

Introducing the first-ever MIMO RADAR in India, a revolutionary BORDER SURVEILLANCE RADAR which can electrically scan at a very low blind range with very less resolution. Unbelievably ultra-low radiation power and programmed for unique target classification.

Design & Engineering Services

From Concept – Schematic Design – PCB layout – Rapid Prototype – Mass Fabrication. We’ve worked with companies and startups from the USA, Europe and Asia

We offer diverse hardware and software design solutions on Embedded FPGA, ARM /X86 Processor/Controller on major platforms of MediaTek, Intel, Qualcomm, NXP, and TI. Our extensive expertise in RF systems for a full spectrum of frequencies up to 60GHz and ASIC design services of Analog/Digital or mixed-signal applications along with server migration support for cloud computing, existing application porting, and modernize/develop the cloud applications.

FPGA, PCB Designs and more...

Our IP-Core solutions across platforms help customers to enhance their Design, Productivity and Redefine their product value


RF Products are tailor-made solution for the customers to choose a Hardware for specific requirements

RF & Microwave Products

Our expertise spans from high frequency (HF) to 60 GHz frequencies which includes RF and sub systems.

Our engineering experts can help you with developing RF wireless solutions which includes RF systems such as transmitters and receivers, RF subsystems, such as communications modules, RF up/down converters, RF front ends, RF power amplifiers, bidirectional amplifiers (T/R modules), high-performance RF filters, including diplexers and triplexers, synthesizers, modulators, multipliers, IF chains, low noise amplifiers, etc.​

Other Products

Di-COM, D-FENCE & Wi- Temperature Sensor

We offers a wide range of products for Industrial Automation, Security & Surveillance and Smart Temperature sensors for Healthcare


IR Temperature Sensor


Real-Time Face Detection

Using AI Algorithm & elSoM-i500

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