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ELDAAS Technologies Inc forged a strong partnership with MediaTek Inc.


 August 04, 2020

 August 04, 2020

ELDAAS Technologies Inc forged a strong partnership with MediaTek Inc.

Eldaas Technologies Inc, a leading embedded design services company specializing in industrial solutions tied a partnership with Mediatek to bring up Rich IoT solutions with integrated AI. 

Eldaas Technologies Inc, specializing in ARM core embedded board solutions is working with Mediatek on one of their latest processor platforms to bring up an IoT solutions with AI engine and edge computing capability. 

Eldaas has full potential of providing custom solutions using this platform in the areas of hardware, software driver development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning applications and mass volume manufacturing. 

Eldaas may remain as a single point contact for customers across the globe and Mediatek advantage will help customers on cost effective yet powerful & intelligent solutions in industrial solutions. 

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