Digital Signal Processing

ELDAAS turnkey Signal processing design services includes customized solutions based on Xilinx, Intel[Altera], Microsemi[Microchip] and Lattice FPGA’s. Our team of experts are specialized in FPGA / Digital Signal Processing design projects, board design, algorithm development and high-level design methodologies and can provide design recommendations at any stage in the product development process from feasibility studies to final implementation and from verification through to debugging .

Our expertise in high performance ,real time DSP /FPGA projects undergoes riguours verification and quality checks saving precious time in bringing product to market.

We also focus on solutions based on embedded software design for ARM based SoC devices, Micro blaze with PLB and AXI bus interface, Nios II and soft console. Developing DSP solutions can be challenging especially optimising and taking full advantage of targeted FPGA/SoC. Our solutions maintain high quality in DSP/FPGA designs with optimum flexibility and performance.

DSP Services
  • Architecture definition
  • Algorithm development
  • MATLAB & Simulink Modelling and Simulation
  • DSP design review
  • FPGA implementation
  • Verification & debugging
  • Verification & debugging