Embedded Design Services

We help customers on their hardware design requirements, software driver development, BSP customization & Porting services, Legacy migration of hardware & software, Application development services. We have good expertise in FPGA/DSP solutions on various platforms like Xilinx, Altera, Microchip etc. We are a long-term alliance partner of Xilinx and executed many projects on these platforms.

Our team has strong commitment towards customer’s success. We always go to an extra mile on assessing customer’s requirements, differentiate the wish list Vs what is required for a particular project and advises the customer accordingly. This helps customer to save overall cost of the product, reduction in development time and more importantly, the sustainability of the product in the market is ensured.

Our Industry exposures spread across various domains including Automotive, Medical, Industrial Segments focusing on POS, KIOSK, Digital Signage, IIoT, BioMetric, Surveillance.


Hardware Design Services

ELDAAS offers a wide range of Embedded Design Services that can transform an idea into a complete product. This includes devising of System Architecture, Board and Firmware Design, Application Software Development, Mechanical Design, Prototyping


Software Design Services

Developing the right firmware and software is a very critical part of the design cycle for the success of a new product. Our embedded software development services include, feasibility studies, constructing build environments, embedded software design


Digital Signal Processing

ELDAAS turnkey Signal processing design services includes customized solutions based on Xilinx ,Intel[Altera],Microsemi[Microchip] and Lattice FPGA’s.Our team of experts are specialized in FPGA / Digital Signal Processing design projects,board design


PCB Design & Simulation Services

ELDAAS offers cutting edge PCB solutions to the global electronics players. Our specialist’s in high-speed, multi-layer, mixed signals, RF PCB designing along with combined Signal Integrity, thermal analysis, fabrication and assembly will give added value


Mechanical Design Services

Eldaas mechanical design and manufacturing solution services focus on serving our clients in today’s ever changing and demanding markets. Due to ever increasing margin pressures and rising costs, manufacturing design and mechanical design companies