AirPro-1: Software Defined Radio (SDR)

System on Module for Software Defined Radio (SDR) is popularly known as airpro-1. This provides a baseline reference hardware and rapid development capability for software defined radio and cognitive radio technologies targetable from handheld to any form-factor. This is a single board solution with Integrated wide band RF Transceiver, high speed ADCs and DACs, FPGA and DSP. This is full-duplex wideband transceiver that covers frequencies from 10 MHz to 6 GHz with 40 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth. Also this is dual-channel super heterodyne receiver that offers wide dynamic range and accurate phase synchronization with LO for miniature and micro-sized UAVs and other unmanned platforms with strict SWaP constraints and direction-finding applications.

Airpro-1 can be combined with another airpro-1 for MIMO application. The programmable device and digital signal processing module can be used for porting any kind of waveform as per the requirement.

ELDAAS can help customer to develop a complete solution by architecting, prototyping, and implementing the advanced processing associated with communication systems.

Key Features
  • Single board solution with Integrated Wide band RF Transceiver, high speed ADCs and DACs, FPGA and DSP
  • Encryption and frequency hopping can be implemented for secure communication
  • User can program most of the parameters over the air
  • Easily integratable with power amplifier and application processor
  • Easy to configure and generate customized waveforms based on end application
  • Proven architecture with very less time to market and low cost
  • Supports time division duplex (TDD) and frequency division duplex (FDD) operation.
  • ELDAAS can customize the board as per the customer need in quick time
Sl.No Parameter Specification
1 Frequency Range 70MHz to 6 GHz, with TDD and FDD support
2 Step size 1KHz
3 Frequency Reference 10MHz Both internal and external
4 Frequency stability ±0.2 ppm
5 Power output  0dBm min (+/-1.5dB variation over the band)
6 Adjustable output power 0.25 dB
7 Tunable bandwidth 200KHz – 56MHz
8 SSB Phase Noise -80 dBc/Hz @ 1KHz offset
-90 dBc/Hz @ 10KHz offset
-105 dBc/Hz @ 100KHz offset
9 Harmonics level < -15 dBc (typical)
10 Spurious level <-60 dBc or below
11 Receiver Sensitivity -90dBm
12 Noise Figure <5dB
13 RSSI level Indication -100dBm to 0dBm
14 Max RF input power 0dBm
15 ADC/DAC resolution  12 bit
16 AGC Inbuilt with ±0.5dB step size
Baseband  Processing
1 Programmable Logic device XC7A100T series FPGA from Xilinx Inc.
2 FPGA Resources 5850 logic slices, each with 6 input LUTs and 8 Flip-Flops,
240 DSP Slices, 6 Clock Management tiles, each with PLL,
4860 Kbits of Fast Block RAM
3 Digital Singal Processor ADSP-Blackfin Processor from ADI.
Clock rate of 600MHz
1Mb Internal memory
4 SDRAM 1xSDRAM 256Mb, 1xSRAM 16Mb
5 Storage 8MB SPI Flash (for Processor)
6 Other interfaces 2xRS232, 1xUSB, SPORT, PPI, GPIO
7 Ethernet Net 10/100/1000 Mbps RGMII Mode
External Interfaces
1 Supply Voltage 5 VDC power adapter
2 RF I/O Impedance 50 Ohms
3 RF I/O Connector SMA (F)
4 Frequency Adjustment Through GUI
5 Mounting requirement Provision for mounting the module to chassis to be
6 Dimension (in mm) 90×95 mm
7 Weight 350 grams
8 Control Signals 20-Pin : PA interface, 50-Pin : Expansion connector
9 Operating Temperature (Degrees) -40.0c to +85.0c
  • Software defined radio (SDR)
  • Satellite communications
  • Telecommunications
  • Radar communications
  • Avionics communications
  • Point to point communications
  • Point to multipoint communications
  • Handheld walkie talkies
  • Data links in drones and UAVs
  • Drones
  • Robots
  • Customized communication
  • Defence and Aerospace
  • Autonomous vehicle
Ordering Information
Product Name Part Number Description Pricing
Airpro-1 ELD-RFM2113-1-TRX RF Transceiver with 1 Tx and Rx channel

ELD-RFM2113-2-TRX RF Transceiver with 2 Tx and Rx channels
ELD-RFM2113-1-TRX-ND RF Transceiver with 1 Tx and Rx channel without DSP
ELD-RFM2113-2-TRX-ND RF Transceiver with 2 Tx and Rx channels without DSP
Range extender (Amplifier )

AirPro-1 RF Transceiver Datasheet
AirPro-1 RF Transceiver CaseStudy

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Sl.No Parameter Specification Units
1 Frequency Range MHz
2 Frequency Reference MHz
3 Power output dBm
4 Bandwidth MHz
5 Harmonics level dBc
6 Spurious level dBc
7 Receiver Sensitivity dBm
8 Noise Figure dB
9 ADC/DAC resolution bits
10 AGC Yes/No
Baseband  Processing
1 Programmable Logic device FPGA Part number
3 Storage MB
External Interfaces
1 Supply Voltage VDC
2 Dimension mm
Your Information
1 Name
2 Email
AirPro-1 Documents

AirPro-1 Case Study

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