Bangalore, KA, India – 5th June 2020

Eldaas Technologies India Pvt Ltd announces their distribution partnership on security & surveillance solutions with D-Fence Electronic Fencing and Security Systems Ltd, Israel.

In today’s scenario camera-based security alone is not enough to detect intruders or prevent them from entering. We need a stronger and proven solution which can’t be cracked down by any person.

Our partner D-Fence solutions based out of Israel, spent many years on studying & researching in this field. They have developed a variety of perimeter security solutions using cutting edge technology which can meet the need of a private property to a large defense establishment.

Eldaas Technologies, an expert embedded solutions provider for defense & Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial Embedded partnering with D-Fence in solutioning to various customers in India.

The available solutions are from footstep detection to an electronic fencing with a combination of camera and various sensors for accurate identification and differentiation between animals and human.

“We believe that our partnership with D-Fence, will enable us to serve our customers with value added solutions in the Defence and security domain” says Co-founder & CEO Mr. Suneel Kumar.

“We are happy to appoint Eldaas Technologies as our Authorized Representative in India. By entering this relationship, we anticipate an exponential growth for us in this region” says, D-Fence solutions, Israel.

Press Contact:

Name: Vijendra Pawar