The D-Pressure Strip is a unique Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) that integrates with all types of walls and fences (block, metal, wood, plastic, glass, etc.) or on access routes, passageways, stain/vays, entrances to offices and sensitive areas, access to safe box rooms, around swimming pools, etc. Built from a strip that contains a Strain Gauge Sensor system, the system is fitted on top of the physical structure of the fence/wall or the surface to protect.

D-Pressure Strip System provides immediate and accurate detection in any event of an intrusion by way of climbing over the fence/wall or stepping on top of the surface activating D-Fence’s unique Strain Gauge Sensor that’s typically set to alert when forces greater than 25 kgs. are applied to it. This ensures a very low FAR/NAR and also that the system will not be activated by small animals, vegetation, weather conditions or any other environmental factors in the area.

The D-Pressure Strip PIDS is ideal when aesthetics and/or invisibility of the security systems are desired, and also where local regulations don’t allow building over certain heights.

Key Benefits
  • Fitted on top of any type of wall or fence, existing or to be built, or on any surface that requires protection
  • Completely invisible, it doesn’t change the nature of the fence, wall or area to be protected
  • False Alarm Rate of almost Zero
  • Based on D-fence‘s rugged and robust stainless steel Strain Gauge Sensor Contrary to Infra-Red sensors, the D-Pressure Strip ignores anything that weighs less than 25 kgs. (or the weight specified by the customer).
  • “Shoot and Forget” system. No need for on-going maintenance.
D-Pressure Strip
D-Pressure Strip Specifications
Physical Description
Fence Length Unlimited
Cover Weight Up to 350 Kg
Cover Height According to Customer Specification
Cover Design According to Customer Specification
length of System Zone 12m – 24m
Environmental Conditions
Temperature Range of Operation +72°C to -25°C (162°F to -13°F)
Storage Tem perature +80°C to -55C (176°F to -67°F)
Corrosion All system parts receive anti-corrosion treatment according with MIL T 152, all parts are 8.8.
Humidity 95%
Lighting and Electronic Transients MIL STD 9094
EMI & RFI According to MIL STD 461, 462
System Unit Processor
Minimum Trigger Force Usually 15 Kgs (above the static weight of the cover) and above will activate the alarm
Dry Contact No. & N.C. 1A@48VDC
Power Supply 12mA@48VDC
Communication Output RS232 serial communication interface
Reliability and Maintenance
False Alarm Rate (FAR) Less than one per Km. per three months maximum
MTBF Sensor 4.7×10 Hours
MTTR 30 Minutes
Warranty 10 years for the sensors