D-Corative intrusion detection system has been developed with leading-edge technology for perimeter intrusion detection on all types of sites, while preserving a pleasant and non-intimidating environment.

D-Corative system was developed after years of research and field tests in which D-Fence has tested dozens of decorative fences integrated with our unique sensor, which alerts about any attempt of climbing, cutting or leaning a weight against it.

D-Corative system provides unmatched protection for your site, facilities and assets. Featuring customized fence panels and supporting posts fitted with concealed, state-of—the-art sensors, the D-Corative system is specifically designed as a non-intrusive yet highly effective intrusion detection system for open and outdoor areas. Vandal proof and tamper-resistant, the system is also immune to environmental changes, features close-to-zero false alarms, and ensures instant, accurate detection of any intrusion attempt while being immune to environmental and/or operational factors. Digital analysis and signal processing in the posts together with the defined intrusion profile reduce false alarms to practically zero.

Main Components
  • Decorative Fence Panels – unlimited customized options, each can weigh up to 100 kgs.
  • Sensor Posts – the Fence Panel support posts.
  • Strain Gauge Sensors – D-Fence’s rugged and robust strain gauge sensors, made from Stainless Steel. They are concealed in the Sensor Posts, and act as the interface between the posts and the fence panels. Highly sensitive, they measure the distortion caused by load changes, check alert signals and monitor the communication to the control center. Acting as the interface between the support columns and the panels, highly sensitive gauges measure distortion caused by load changes.
D-corative Intrusion detection system
D-corative Specifications
Physical Description
Fence Length Unlimited
Cover Weight Up to 100 Kg
Cover Height According to Customer Specification
Cover Design According to Customer Specification
length of System Zone 12m – 24m
System Unit Processor
Minimum Trigger Force 25 Kgs (above the static weight of the frame) and above will activate the alarm
Dry Contact No. & N.C. 1A@48VDC
Power Supply 12mA@48VDC
Communication Output RS232 serial communication interface
Environmental Conditions
Temperature Range of Operation +72°C to -25°C (162°F to -13°F)
Storage Tem perature +80°C to -55C (176°F to -67°F)
Corrosion All system parts receive anti-corrosion treatment according with MIL T 152, all parts are 8.8.
Humidity 95%
Lighting and Electronic Transients MIL STD 9094
EMI & RFI According to MIL STD 461, 462
Reliability and Maintenance
False Alarm Rate (FAR) Less than one per Km. per three months maximum
MTBF Sensor 4.7×10 Hours
MTTR 30 Minutes
Warranty 10 years for the sensors