Recruitment Process

Resume of Candidates
  • Potential Candidates can submit Resume online
  • Company searches for suitable resume(s) from job portals also
  • Resumes can also be sent through employee referral.
Resume Enters Database
  • The Resume is entered in ELDAAS’s Talent Pool/Database
  • Potential Candidate receives an email acknowledgement that his profile/resume has been successfully entered into our system.
  • Resumes are kept in ELDAAS’s database for approximately six months. Resumes are sorted and matched to various positions; Candidates need not submit multiple resumes within that six-month time frame.
ELDAAS Searches Database
  • ELDAAS’s HR team searches the database on a regular basis when assigned to fill a particular position. If a candidate’s profile/resume has all the required experience and educational background, HR identifies the resumes with the best match for the requirements
HR Reviews Resumes
  • The ELDAAS’s HR reviews resumes that meet the search criteria in detail to identify which resumes appear to best match the position’s requirements. The selected resumes are tagged with the job requisition number and sent to the concerned Manager for review.
Interviews Scheduled
  • Interviews with the candidates are scheduled
  • First round interview will be conducted via phone
  • Second round will be face-to-face
  • The candidates will usually have several interviews, each with a different member of the leadership team.
  • The decision is reached by considering the input from all interviewing.
  • In the interview process, candidates will also get an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about life at ELDAAS.
Selected Candidates get the offer letters
  • The ELDAAS HR Manager contacts the candidate selected, for the position and offers them the job.
  • The written offer letter will include information such as start date, salary and other terms and conditions.

Rewards and Recognition

Your contributions and exemplary performance are recognized and valued at ELDAAS. It adds to the sense of accomplishment and inspires everyone to scale higher levels of performance. ELDAAS strives to provide competitive employee benefit packages in the regions and industries in which it has a presence. Our wide range of employee benefit plans are designed to help eligible employees make the best decisions for themselves, their family, and their lifestyle.

You will find that we offer a range of recognition programs and rewards to individuals for their outstanding achievements and service. These may take the form of cash awards or special recognition. Some of them are:

ELDAAS Best Employee Awards

Employees may be nominated to receive our highest honour, the ELDAAS Best employee Award, recognizing exceptional service, leadership, teamwork, or technical excellence. Each year, award winners, senior managers and the Board of Directors gather to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our employees.

Patents and Innovations

One of the dimensions that distinguishes your ELDAAS career is the opportunity to be at the leading edge of technical innovation. In keeping with our philosophy of recognizing achievements, we reward employees for certain kinds of patents and innovations.

Quarterly Recognition Awards

This recognition program is used to reward extraordinary performance throughout the year. The Special Recognition Awards are for achievement by individuals and teams.

Spot Awards

Spot Awards allow the company to recognize exemplary performance relatively quickly. The awards range from cash and gift coupons.

Service Awards

In addition to the many award programs through which you may be recognized, ELDAAS recognizes the number of years of your service in the company through awards on completion of 5, 10, 15 years of service in the company.