Code of Ethics

Ethics, the search for a good way of being for a wise course of action, as it could be practiced by business firms is called business ethics. Ethics in business deals with the ethical path business firms ought to adopt. Afflicting the least suffering to humans and the nature in its entirety, achieving the greatest net benefit to the society and economy enriching the capability of the system in which it is functioning.

In ELDAAS will conduct its business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, in accordance with the company’s values and Code of Conduct, and in full compliance with all laws and regulations. In the course of conducting company business, integrity underlies all company relationships, including those with customers, communities and among employees.

Business ethics is based on broad principles of integrity and fairness and focuses on internal stakeholder issues such as product quality, customer satisfaction, employee wages and benefits, and local community and environmental responsibilities.

Ethics Policies

Doing business ethically – As a major economic player in the electronics industry, ELDAAS is fully committed to complying with all legal and ethical requirements governing business relationships in local and international trade. ELDAAS conducts its business with integrity; in this respect, its employees must avoid entering into a situation that might create a conflict of interest for themselves or the company. They must not engage in insider trading.

Respecting the environment – ELDAAS is fully conscious that its business interacts with the environment and therefore considers that protecting the environment is fundamental to its approach of citizenship. ELDAAS has embarked on a continuous assessment of its environmental performances so as to provide employees and the public with comprehensive information.

Creating a positive working climate – Building a positive working climate requires the full recognition of employees rights. Good health and safety standards at work are fundamental principles. A high quality social dialogue is also a permanent focus for ELDAAS.

Promoting open dialogue – ELDAAS supports open and honest dialogue with employees and their appointed representatives.

ELDAAS promotes an open, transparent and constructive dialogue between management and the employees – including employee representatives as appropriate – in each national entity and at Group level according to the laws, regulations and collective agreements. ELDAAS employees are key to the Groups success.

ELDAAS is convinced that a fruitful and trustworthy climate among ELDAAS employees is essential. Providing equal opportunities and non-discrimination: ELDAAS is committed to treating all employees and situations in a fair manner. ELDAAS believes that the quality of its employees and their loyalty to the company are its main assets and strength.

ELDAAS is committed towards ensuring the equality of all opportunities for its employees regardless of the colour of their skin, their race, gender, religion, nationality, political opinion, sexual orientation, social origins, age or disability through promoting equality and diversity.

ELDAAS is also committed towards ensuring equal remuneration for men and women for skill, work and contribution to company results of equal value. ELDAAS expects the same high standards from its suppliers and business partners.

Managing personnel development – ELDAAS acknowledges the talents of its employees and wishes to develop these for collective and individual benefit. ELDAAS recognizes that the development of the skill base of all employees is a key success factor.

Therefore, ELDAAS implements a Human Resources development policy based on, but not limited to:

  • Supporting training with the aim of good performance and high quality of work
  • Encouraging cross-national and cross-functional teamwork, within the context of intra-Group mobility; and-
  • Promoting the careers of its technical experts.

ELDAAS implements a success-sharing scheme in order to associate its employees with the performance of the ELDAAS Group.

Providing a safe workplace – ELDAAS is committed to maintaining and permanently improving safe and healthy working conditions for its employees and to fighting any type of physical, sexual, or psychological harassment, abuse or intimidation.

Implementing proper business practices – Employees and business partners must not directly or indirectly offer, promise, give or ask for anything of value or any other improper advantage to obtain business.

Fostering sustainable growth – ELDAAS is fully committed to promoting sustainable development. As such, the Group regards the protection of its assets and those of others as a key challenge. The building of a long term and mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers is also a permanent focus for the Group.

Protecting ELDAAS assets – No company property (including documents and information) can be accessed, used, disclosed or modified without proper authorization, and shall in no case be stolen, damaged or destroyed (unless destruction is required for legitimate business purposes).

All advantages derived from professional activities which could benefit employees in their private life, must be allocated according to explicit internal regulation. ELDAAS employees must respect and protect the property and rights of third parties in the same manner as those of ELDAAS.

Protecting intellectual property – All employees having access to ELDAAS intellectual property must preserve the intellectual property rights of ELDAAS and respect those of third parties.

One of ELDAAS most valuable assets is its intellectual property which includes patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights and other proprietary information. It is ELDAAS policy to establish, protect, maintain and defend its rights in all commercially significant intellectual property and to use those rights in responsible ways. ELDAAS employees must take steps to safeguard those assets.

Moreover, ELDAAS is committed to implementing the principles described in this Code, in particular through entrusting an ELDAAS Ethics Committee with compliance responsibility in ethics matters.

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