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Calculation of output voltage using capacitive divider circuit:


In electronics, a voltage divider (also known as a potential divider) is a passive linear circuit that produces an output voltage (Vout) that is a fraction of its input voltage (Vin). Voltage division is the result of distributing the input voltage among the components of the divider. A voltage divider referenced to ground is created by connecting two electrical impedances in series. Capacitive dividers do not pass DC input. According to this formula, the capacitor with the lower capacitance value will drop more voltage across it and conversely, the capacitor with the greater capacitance value will drop less voltage across it.

To find the Output Voltage:

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where, C1 = Capacitor 1, C2 = Capacitor 2, Vin = Voltage Input, Vout = Voltage Output.


In Clock circuits:

The capacitive divide circuit will be used to reduce the peak to peak voltage level of the clock.

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In the above figure, the peak to peak voltage of the TCXO is 3.3V. But my device will accept < (1.3V) peak to peak voltage. We have used capacitive based voltage divider circuit to scale down the voltage.

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