ELDAAS has extensive expertise with wireless engineering and developing RF systems for the full spectrum of frequencies up to 60GHz. RF wireless system applications have included consumer portables devices, wireless base stations, radar & microwave applications and scientific test equipment.

Our team of engineering experts can help you with developing RF wireless solutions to fit nearly any project’s needs and specifications, which includes RF systems, such as transceivers, transmitters and receivers, RF subsystems, such as communications modules, RF up converters, RF down converters, RF front ends, RF power amplifiers, bidirectional amplifiers (T/R modules), high-performance RF filters, including diplexers and triplexers, synthesizers, modulators, multipliers, IF chains, low noise amplifiers, etc.

We are a turnkey provider for RF/microwave and wireless communication custom designs with full project management and design responsibilities; taking ownership from the conceptual idea to production.

RF and Microwave Flow


RF capabilities

S.N Specification Value
1 Frequency Range 10MHz to 6 GHz
2 Step size 1KHz
3 Frequency Reference Both internal and external with automatic switch cover
4 External Ref. Frequency 10 MHz (with customized level)
5 Internal reference stability ±0.2 ppm
6 Power output Typical 10dBm min (+/-1.5dB variation over the band)
7 SSB Phase Noise (1KHz offset ) -80 dBc/Hz
10 KHz offset -90 dBc/Hz
100KHz offset -105 dBc/Hz
8 Output Impedance 50 Ohms
9 Harmonics < -15 dbc (typical)
10 Spurious <-60 dbc or below
11 Memory function yes(to store the last set frequency)
12 Supply Voltage Customized for minimum power consumption
13 Output connector SMA (F)
14 DC Connector Solder pin
16 Frequency Adjustment LCD display, fast, down, up MEM push buttons
17 Mounting requirement Provision for mounting the module to chassis to be
18 Dimension (in mm) As per the requirement
19 changing frequency As per the requirement

Standards to meet

Specifications Standards
Conducted Susceptibility MIL STD 461E CS101, CS114, CS115, CS116
Radiated Susceptibility MIL STD 461E RS101, RS103
Conducted Emissions MIL STD 461E CE101, CE102, CE106
Radiated Emissions MIL STD 461E RE101, RE102

Areas of RF / Wireless Technologies Design Expertise:

  • 100 MHz to multi-GHz RF design
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication
  • IEEE 802.11, WPAN (Bluetooth), ZigBee, Ultra Wideband (UWB)
  • LTE and LTE Advance
  • Antenna design
  • Custom ISM Band (433MHz/900MHz/2.4GHz/5GHz)
  • SDR
  • NFC and RFID
  • RF backhaul
  • RADAR Communications
  • Satellite Communications

Value Addition:

  • ELDAAS has successfully designed microwave & RF modules by working in close collaboration with our Client's system engineers
  • ELDAAS has experience designing a variety of products that incorporate RF circuits
  • ELDAAS’s top down design approach ensures a successful project and a quality design
  • ELDAAS has wireless design experience with many technologies and protocols and can combine them effectively to build your wireless device or system

Case Studies



  •   RF Frequency: 4000MHz-5500MHz (Programmable 1MHz step size)
  •  IF Frequency: 70MHz / 140MHz
  •   Bandwidth Option: 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0, 10, 20 & 40MHz (3dB BW)
  •  Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 deg C
  •   Dimension: 1U 19” rack mountable


  •   FPGA -Smart Fusion-SoC A2F200
  •  Hybrid PCB , Rogers for RF and FR-4 for digital circuit implementation
  •   Realization of high speed bias switching circuit for latest GaN technology
  •  Customized form factor to reduce the size and volume


  •   Compact RF Module is a complete mixed signal board
  •  Based on Artix-7 FPGA from Xilinx and Blackfin BF538F DSP from ADI
  •  Blackfin DSP acts as a Master device, controls FPGA and Transceiver (AD9364) AD9364 Transceiver is 1 x 1 transceiver with integrated 12-bit ADC & DACs
  •   RF Frequency range : 70 MHz-6GHz
  •   RF Output Power: 0 to +2dBm
  •   RF Sensitivity: -100dBm
  •  On board 100-pin connector can be used for interfacing with application processor
  •  Suitable for Software Defined Radio Applications
  •   Dimension: 68X68mm
  •  Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 deg C

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