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where, ℿ = 3.147 (constant value)

The passive RC High Pass Filter Calculator calculates the cutoff frequency point of the High Pass Filter, based on the values of the resistor and the capacitor of the circuit.

A High Pass Filter is a Filter which passes High-Frequency signals and blocks Low-frequency signals. A high pass filter composed of a resistor and a capacitor is called a high pass RC filter.

Frequency Response of a 1st Order High Pass Filter Circuit:

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• These are used in the audio amplifier circuits as a part of the high audio crossover frequencies to tweeter type signals by blocking low bass signals.

• These are used as rumble filters to block the nearby unwanted signals and pass the required signals in the loud speakers.

• These are used in the AC coupling circuits and as the differentiator circuit.

• In the mixing process at each channel strips these high pass filters are added.

• In the image processing the high pass filters are used in the process of unsharping where editing requires high boosting filter.

• In the image processing the reduction of noise can be done in either time domain or in the frequency domain. So combining with the low pass filters, these high pass filters are used to enhance, noise suppression and modify the images in the image processing.

• In the telephonic applications these are used at DSL splitters with the combination of low pass filters.

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