ELD-FQM02029 IP-64QAM modulation

The 64 QAM modulation IP core (64 QAM IP core) from ELDAAS is higher digital modulation technique used in communication systems. This IP core already tested for the betterof 2% EVM with transmit power level of -28dBm at the output transceiver chip. The IP is having the soft Viterbi decoder which is 3dB better than the existing IPs. Complete 64 QAMIP core is developed usingVHDL language and Xilinx IP cores. This is compatible to any FPGA family from Xilinx, Intel and Microsemi FPGAs. Minimal customization is required for migrations from one FPGA to any other FPGA.

  • Input Data rate before FEC : 1Mbps
  • Input Data rate After FEC : 2Mbps
  • Transmit Power : -28dBm
  • Transmit Band Width : 450 KHz
  • EVM : 2%
  • Timing offset correction support : Yes
  • Frequency offset Correction Support: Yes
  • Occupied channel band width : 450KHz
  • Demodulation Type : Coherent
  • Output data width at the transmitter: 12-bit
  • Input data width at the receiver : 12-bit
  • Radio communications
  • Data delivery applications
  • Radio Relay Systems

Transmitter Block Diagram


Receiver Block Diagram



QAM Transmitter Output


QAM Demodulator Output in VSA

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