ELD-PES02064 DTRM - RF front end control unit

RF front end control unit for S-band TRM is custom form factor card which is part of 150W TR module. This board is used in interfacing with the antenna array in RADAR system. RF front end control unit for S-band TRM is capable of RF transmission and reception at S-band frequencies with signal conditioning with filtering and amplification over the signal chain.

The system’s control mechanism has to meet the timing requirement of the RADAR. The phase shifters need to be configured with the frequency of incoming TRP. The system monitors the temperature and DC voltages continuously and reports it periodically.

ELDAAS developed test jig and GUI interface to control and monitor the TRM status and configuration of phase,TRP etc.

  • Switching circuit for latest GaN technology
  • Test jig for simulating RADAR interface signals
  • FPGA auto configuration at power-ON from onboard memory
  • Onboard voltage regulators for generating DC voltages (5V and 28V) from 50V
  • Voltage monitor circuit for board health monitoring
  • GaN PA, gain blocks, Limiter diode and LNA switching time less than 200nsec w.r.t. RADAR TRP signal

  • Microsemi Smart Fusion SoC A2F200 FPGA
  • Custom 4 wire interface (data at 8Mbps) for interfacing RADAR baseband card
  • Negative sequencing (GaN device gate switching) and Positive sequencing
  • Switching time is less than 200ns
  • Serial NOR memory size 8MB
  • TRP pulse propagation and gating with duty cycle protection to protect faulty control inputs
  • 6-bit phase (LSB=5.625 °) control
  • Up to 200 s pulse width, 20% duty cycle
  • Fault monitoring
    • Voltage monitoring
    • Temperature monitoring
  • Protection circuitry for graceful degradation
    • Fault handling: support Rx operation on Tx chain failure and vice versa
    • Automatic isolation of faulty chain to prevent power supply loading
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • 20% duty cycle protection circuit

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